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As a lawyer and a counselor, I strive to bring my clients loyal representation along with peace of mind during a very difficult time in their life. It may be that you have just been served with a petition for divorce or change in custody for your children, Child Protective Services has removed your children from your home, or you may have been arrested for a DWI or other criminal matter. I understand that when you come to see me, it is usually not because everything in life is going well, but instead you may be facing one of the most uncertain times in your life.

As a family law practitioner and parent, I understand the gravity of your situation and the importance of having someone very qualified handling this matter for you. I understand the importance of being available to my clients and always return client communications within 24 hours. The dynamics of the family relationship are like no other and require a patient and determined approach to problem-solving, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the law.

I am an advocate of mediation when appropriate. I believe that when two people come together to resolve their problems regarding their own family that everyone wins, most importantly the children win. A custody battle is never easy on a child and the consequences should always be considered. Mediation is an informal forum that allows for parents to come together and make decisions regarding their family Jennifer Bransoninstead of turning it over to a Judge, who does not even know your children. I also provide mediation services and am able to combine my mediation training, experience in the courtroom and my knowledge of the law to allow you to make those important personal decisions regarding your family.

As a former assistant district attorney, I am able to spot weaknesses in criminal cases and use them to your advantage. My expertise in being both a prosecutor and defense attorney allows me the insight to get you the best result. I have handled all types of criminal cases ranging from juvenile matters, DWI, drug-related offenses, assault-related offenses, property crimes, sexual assault, and issues related to probation. I have represented clients in all types of cases, including both misdemeanors and felonies.

I would be happy to discuss any specific legal issues you are having in a more personal setting. I practice in Parker, Tarrant, Palo Pinto, and Hood Counties.
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